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Lawmakers Defeat Travel Limit Amendments

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers defeated two proposals Thursday to limit out of state travel for legislators and the secretary…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Keep Pay-Go Rule

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers voted Thursday to keep the Legislature’s pay-go budget rule in effect in the state House…  Read More >

Inclusion Pushed In Kansas House

By John Celock As Kansas lawmakers gathered for the first session since elections gave moderate Republicans and Democrats more seats…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Sustain STAR Bonds Veto

Rep. J.R. Claeys speaking in support of STAR bonds project in Salina during debate. By John Celock Kansas lawmakers voted…  Read More >

Lawmakers Advance Judicial Selection Overhaul

Rep. Ron Ryckman Jr. discussed his past experience on a district court judicial nominating commission. By John Celock After adding…  Read More >

Lawmakers Pass Omnibus Kansas Alcohol Bill

By John Celock An omnibus alcohol bill, that includes a provision to allow BYOB wine at private parties at businesses,…  Read More >

New Twist In Kansas BYOB Alcohol Standoff

By John Celock A seemingly routine procedural debate in the Kansas House Tuesday turned chaotic as a proponent of a…  Read More >

More Medicaid Expansion Hearings Planned In Kansas

By John Celock A floor amendment to a relatively minor health bill will lead to a new round of Medicaid…  Read More >

Lawmakers Defeat Private Email Amendment

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives defeated an amendment Monday that could have made emails sent from the…  Read More >