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Your story should be Your Story and it is important that you Control the Narrative

The Celock Media Group is a strategic media consultancy which advises candidates for elective office, non-profits, corporations and select startups on all aspects of strategic communications. John R.D. Celock utilizes his political and journalism experience to successfully develop and manage successful communication and issue advocacy plans from start to finish.

John is well-versed in not only Washington politics, but state and regional politics as well, providing expertise to position issue advocacy and communication plans at all levels. He provides exceptional service and flexibility that result in the development of communication plans that are tailored to each client.

John’s background in journalism provides expertise in taking complex material and explaining it in a way that will change the dynamic of how it is explained to the public and to policymakers. He is experienced in planning and implementing campaigns that undertake a multi-faceted approach and engage core audiences. John can help you or your organization to be established as a thought leader in your field of expertise.

John will work with you to help define your organization’s mission and values and develop innovative new ways to implement a strategy that brings that vision to fruition.

The Celock Media Group will work with you and your organization in a number of ways.

Please contact the Celock Media Group for assistance in any of these areas.

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