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How ‘Game Changer’ Kansas Schools Deal Was Reached

Link to PDF of signed agreement: Kansas School Agreement Link to PDF of final agreement filed with State Supreme Court:…  Read More >

Constitutional Amendment To Ban School Closure Possible In Kansas

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ron Ryckman Jr. By John Celock Kansas lawmakers are likely to take up a constitutional amendment…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Pass School Finance Plan

By John Celock Following a contentious debate on one of the most contentious issues in the state, Kansas lawmakers have…  Read More >

Lawmakers Advance Judicial Selection Overhaul

Rep. Ron Ryckman Jr. discussed his past experience on a district court judicial nominating commission. By John Celock After adding…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Pass Budget

By John Celock Following a debate centered on Medicare and school finance, the Kansas House of Representatives passed the state’s…  Read More >

Court To Lawmakers: New School Finance Formula Or Else

By John Celock The Kansas Supreme Court has handed an ultimatum to state lawmakers, either devise a new school finance…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Give Preliminary Budget Approval

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ron Ryckman Jr. and House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey discuss the budget with staffers during debate….  Read More >

Kansas Transportation Plan Overhaul Eyed

By John Celock A group of Kansas lawmakers are looking to overhaul the planning process for the state’s next transportation…  Read More >

Kansas, New York Lawmakers Tackle Judicial Issues

By John Celock Albany and Topeka may sit 1300 miles away from each other, but lawmakers in both Kansas and…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Push Budget Vote Back Month

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives voted Thursday to agree with the Senate to push a final vote…  Read More >