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Lawmakers Advance Budget

By john Celock The Kansas House of Representatives advanced a budget proposal Friday that lawmakers said would continue reversing budget…  Read More >

Kansas Report Recommends Billions More For Schools

By John Celock A consultant’s report is recommending that Kansas lawmakers put between $1.7 billion and $2 billion more into…  Read More >

Lawmakers Approve Budget

By John Celock In a final act of the annual regular legislative session, Kansas lawmakers advanced a $6 billion budget…  Read More >

Lawmakers Pass Correction Officer Raises

By John Celock Kansas legislators have advanced raises for corrections officers, fixing an item left out of a proposed state…  Read More >

Lawmakers Advance State Health Care Clinic

By John Celock Following a debate that evolved into a lengthy discussion over future legislative procedure and who could practice…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Reduce Judicial Payroll Hike

By John Celock Kansas budget writers deleted a potential pay raise for judges but kept in place a pay raise…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Move Forward On Transportation Spending Plan

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers moved forward on a transportation-spending plan that would expand borrowing to cover preservation programs. The…  Read More >

Kansas Senate Sustains Tax Hike Veto

By John Celock The Kansas Senate voted Wednesday to sustain Gov. Sam Brownback’s (R) veto of tax hike legislation, killing…  Read More >

Kansas Governor Announces Tax Hike Veto

By John Celock Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has announced that he will veto legislation hiking income taxes in the…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Approve Tax Hike

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers approved legislation Friday that would erase the state’s 2012 tax cuts and establish a new…  Read More >