Media Coach and Training

Effectively working with the media is a skill that is needed at all levels. In today’s 24 hour media cycle, one poorly worded statement can easily turn a local story into a national story. It is imperative that those in the public eye and even grassroots advocates work to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate the right message and to stay on message.  It is especially imperative that a corporation, which has diverse constituencies from shareholders, to regulators, to stock analysts, to the media, and to business partners; speaks with one voice in order to maintain credibility and to avoid any potential embarrassing “miscommunications”.

John can work with you and your group to help prepare you on how to talk with the media and how to get your message across quickly and effectively. John can also help you develop talking points to pass on to surrogate speakers in order to keep them on message so that your group speaks with one voice.

John is perfectly situated to provide the media coaching and advice to help you build your brand and your strategy. As a reporter, John has covered countless political campaigns and legislative battles, giving him a front row seat for the best strategies and the worst. He knows what national and state reporters are seeking from state and local officials and candidates and what is needed to control your message.

John knows how one misstatement locally can turn into a story nationally in an instant. He can give you advice that prevents you from saying something that becomes a national controversy. Would you rather be known nationally for your proposals and role in the national policy debate or for a costly political gaffe?

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