Photos: Westfield, NJ AppleFest

WESTFIELD, N.J. – While the weather was still perfect for the pool and the leaves were still green, Westfield, N.J. got into the spirit of autumn Saturday with the annual AppleFest celebration.

An annual event of the Westfield Historical Society, residents competed in an apple pie baking contest, snacked on homemade pies and quiches and learned various aspects of the town’s history, while children participated in various games. The Historical Society first sponsored the event in 2009, with events and participation growing since.

The event is held on the grounds of the historic Reeve House on Mountain Avenue in the town. Donated by the Reeve family in 2001, the 19th century home serves as the Historical Society’s headquarters. Society members dressed in period clothing offered tour’s the house, which was renovated to return to it’s original construction and features furniture and artifacts from the society’s collection.

Editor’s Note: John Celock competed in this year’s pie baking contest and previously competed in 2009 and 2010.