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Christie Approval Still Low In New Jersey

By John Celock New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues to traverse New Hampshire for his presidential campaign, as voters in…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Largest Tax Hike

By John Celock Following a session that stretched to the early morning hours of Friday, the Republican-controlled Kansas House of…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Punt Taxes To Six Person Group

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives narrowly voted Friday morning to send the drafting of the state’s new…  Read More >

Opposition Emerges To Proposed Kansas Hospital Tax Hike

By John Celock A proposal to hike an assessment on Kansas hospitals to cover the cost of Medicaid payments is…  Read More >

North Dakota Advances Oil Tax Cut

By John Celock The North Dakota House of Representatives voted Monday evening to advance legislation to cut the state’s oil…  Read More >

North Dakota Considers Last Minute 30 Percent Tax Cut

By John Celock North Dakota lawmakers are being asked to consider a 30 percent cut in the state’s oil extraction…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Push Budget Vote Back Month

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives voted Thursday to agree with the Senate to push a final vote…  Read More >

Jersey City Mayor Touts Tax Record, Port Authority Fight

By John Celock A potential 2017 candidate for New Jersey governor is touting his record in decreasing local taxes while…  Read More >

Florida State of the State Focuses On Economy

By John Celock Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) focused his State of the State Address Tuesday on economic domination. Scott…  Read More >

Tax Free Textbooks Proposed In Kansas

By John Celock A Democratic lawmaker in Kansas is seeking to implement tax-free textbooks for college students in the state….  Read More >