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State Races To Watch

New Hampshire Governor By John Celock Granite State voters are going to decide several tight elections Tuesday including the open…  Read More >

Obama Endorses In State Legislative Races

By John Celock President Barack Obama has endorsed Democratic state legislative candidates in 19 states Wednesday as Democrats continue to…  Read More >

Senator Celebrates ‘Happy Cows’

By John Celock U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is touting “happy cows” as part of his bid for a fourth…  Read More >

Youngest Congresswoman Makes Constituent Service Issue

By John Celock The youngest woman ever elected to Congress is making her constituent service record the focus of a…  Read More >

Congressional Candidate: Voters Are Not Dumb

By John Celock A Democratic congressional candidate in a competitive upstate New York race is using a new campaign ad…  Read More >

Nation’s Youngest Congresswoman Touts Bipartisanship

By John Celock The youngest woman ever elected to Congress is touting bipartisanship in a new ad as she seeks…  Read More >

Analysis: New York Power Debates Likely To Continue

By John Celock Being mayor of New York City is a an office with a bizarre double life. On one…  Read More >

Democrats Win In New York Races

By John Celock While most attention was focused on the contested presidential primaries on both sides of the aisle, New…  Read More >

Schumer Easily Leads In Bid For Fourth Term

By John Celock As U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) prepares to take over Senate Democrats next year, it looks like…  Read More >

Kansas, New York Lawmakers Tackle Judicial Issues

By John Celock Albany and Topeka may sit 1300 miles away from each other, but lawmakers in both Kansas and…  Read More >