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Kansas Lawmakers Pass School Finance Plan

By John Celock Following a contentious debate on one of the most contentious issues in the state, Kansas lawmakers have…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Student Air Rifle Bill

Rep. Blake Carpenter carrying the bill. By John Celock Kansas lawmakers advanced legislation Wednesday that would allow for air rifle…  Read More >

Court To Lawmakers: New School Finance Formula Or Else

By John Celock The Kansas Supreme Court has handed an ultimatum to state lawmakers, either devise a new school finance…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Defeat School Transparency Measure Again

By John Celock A procedural motion to bring back a bill to require school districts to post their budgets online…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Vote Down School Transparency Measure

By John Celock By a narrow margin Kansas lawmakers defeated legislation Friday that would have required school districts to place…  Read More >

Kansas Budget Proposal Includes Changes To Children’s Policy

By John Celock Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s (R) updated budget proposal includes transferring a state children’s fund to the state’s…  Read More >

Kansas School Block Grants Bill Moves Forward

By John Celock An overhaul to state aid to schools in Kansas has passed a legislative committee and could reach…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Gut Teacher Collective Bargaining Overhaul

By John Celock In a win for the Kansas teacher’s union and other education groups, the Kansas House of Representatives…  Read More >

Lawmakers Advance Bill To Allow Teachers To Negotiate Own Contracts

By John Celock A Kansas legislative committee advanced legislation Friday that would allow teachers to negotiate their own contracts with…  Read More >

Lawmaker Pushes School Enrichment Programs

By John Celock A Democratic lawmaker in Kansas is urging his colleagues to back school enrichment programs in the state….  Read More >