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Kansas Beer Compromise Heads To Governor

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers have sent the governor a compromise bill that would allow supermarkets to start selling beer…  Read More >

Moderates Grab Kansas Senate Committee Chairs

By John Celock Moderates are on the rise in the Kansas Senate after four years on the sidelines. Senate President…  Read More >

Lawmakers Pass Omnibus Kansas Alcohol Bill

By John Celock An omnibus alcohol bill, that includes a provision to allow BYOB wine at private parties at businesses,…  Read More >

Kansas Senate Votes For Alcohol In Capitol

By John Celock The Kansas state Senate narrowly approved an amendment that would allow for alcohol consumption in the state…  Read More >

Lawmakers Advance Kansas Civil Service Bill

By John Celock Legislation that would allow classified state government posts to become unclassified is on its way to Kansas…  Read More >

Kansas Unemployment Insurance Overhaul Advances

By John Celock Following a debate where Democrats voiced concerns over a possible loss of federal funds, the Kansas Senate…  Read More >