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Wyoming Advances; Kansas Debates Campus Carry

By John Celock Wyoming lawmakers advanced legislation to allow concealed carry on college campuses, while Kansas lawmakers held a hearing…  Read More >

New Jersey Advances Lieutenant Governor Legislation

By John Celock A New Jersey legislative committee has advanced a bill and a constitutional amendment that would assign actual…  Read More >

Lawmakers Introduce Bill For Disabled Athletes

Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan. By John Celock A group of Kansas lawmakers have introduced legislation that would create…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Lifeline 911 Bill

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers advanced legislation that would grant immunity for underage individuals seeking medical assistance while drunk or…  Read More >

Young Congressman Warns Of ‘Permanent Boomerang Generation’

By John Celock One of the country’s youngest members of Congress warned his colleagues early Wednesday evening that rising student…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Push Budget Vote Back Month

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives voted Thursday to agree with the Senate to push a final vote…  Read More >

Lawmakers Advance Student Religious Freedom Bill

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers advanced a bill Thursday that would prohibit colleges in the state from withholding benefits to…  Read More >

Kansas State Salina Budget Not Separate Two Decades After Law Enacted

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers are in the process of clearing up a process that has not treated the Kansas…  Read More >

Florida State of the State Focuses On Economy

By John Celock Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) focused his State of the State Address Tuesday on economic domination. Scott…  Read More >

New Jersey Lawmakers Advance Campus Sexual Assault Bills

By John Celock New Jersey lawmakers advanced a package of three bills Thursday designed to address campus sexual assault issues….  Read More >