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Kansas Lawmakers Vote To Expand Conceal Carry

By John Celock The Kansas Senate voted Thursday evening to advance legislation that would expand the state’s conceal carry law…  Read More >

Wisconsin Poll Shows Support For Conceal Carry; Background Checks

By John Celock A new poll shows Wisconsin voters are split between a variety of gun related issues, including backing…  Read More >

New Hampshire Voters Against Gun Bill, Back Casinos

By John Celock A new poll shows that a narrow plurality of New Hampshire voters back casino gambling in the…  Read More >

Lawmakers Look To Stop Local Gun Regulations

By John Celock In an effort to revert back to a state law that existed until last summer, Kansas lawmakers…  Read More >

Bipartisan Lawmakers Propose Permitless Gun Bill

By John Celock A bipartisan group of Kansas state senators have proposed legislationto guarantee concealed carry of guns. The bill,…  Read More >

Republican Pushing ‘Dialogue’ On Gun Control

By John Celock WASHINGTON – A Republican lawmaker in Kansas said that her involvement in a new national gun violence…  Read More >