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New Yorkers Want Constitutional Change

By John Celock While many special interest groups in New York State do not want the state constitution changed, state…  Read More >

Kansas Committee Rejects Article V Convention

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers rejected legislation Wednesday that would have had the state calling on Congress to convene a…  Read More >

Oklahoma Advances Article V Convention

By John Celock Following a debate centered on the meaning of the Constitution, Oklahoma senators advanced legislation calling for a…  Read More >

Kansas House Gives Preliminary Approval To Article V Convention

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives gave preliminary approval to a resolution calling for a U.S. constitutional convention,…  Read More >

Group Seeks Constitutional Convention For Term Limits

By John Celock A national group is pushing for states to call a constitutional convention in order to term limit…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Push Article V Convention

By John Celock A group of Kansas lawmakers are pushing for the state to join 33 others in calling for…  Read More >