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Lawmakers Look To Advance Hospital Gun Ban Bill

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers are working to advance legislation that would ban guns in hospitals. The state Senate Ways…  Read More >

Constitutional Amendment To Ban School Closure Possible In Kansas

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ron Ryckman Jr. By John Celock Kansas lawmakers are likely to take up a constitutional amendment…  Read More >

Heated Debate Precedes Tanning Bed Ban Vote

By John Celock Following heated debate about parental rights, Kansas lawmakers advanced a bill that would prohibit minors from accessing…  Read More >

Kansas House Gives Preliminary Approval To Article V Convention

By John Celock The Kansas House of Representatives gave preliminary approval to a resolution calling for a U.S. constitutional convention,…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Endorse One Health Compact; Reaffirm Second

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers moved forward with plans for the state to enter an interstate medical licensing compact, while…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Lifeline 911 Bill

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers advanced legislation that would grant immunity for underage individuals seeking medical assistance while drunk or…  Read More >

Committee Reshuffle Removes Medicaid Expansion Supporters

By John Celock A shake-up of Kansas House committees Wednesday evening removed three Republican Medicaid expansion supporters from the health…  Read More >

Lawmakers Pass Omnibus Kansas Alcohol Bill

By John Celock An omnibus alcohol bill, that includes a provision to allow BYOB wine at private parties at businesses,…  Read More >

New Twist In Kansas BYOB Alcohol Standoff

By John Celock A seemingly routine procedural debate in the Kansas House Tuesday turned chaotic as a proponent of a…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Approve New BYOB Policy To End Alcohol Standoff

By John Celock In an end run around a potentially reluctant committee chairman, Kansas lawmakers passed a floor amendment that…  Read More >