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Kansas Governor Vetoes Medicaid Expansion

By John Celock Kansas’ governor has vetoed the state’s Medicaid expansion, sending the bill back to the state Legislature. Gov….  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Endorse One Health Compact; Reaffirm Second

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers moved forward with plans for the state to enter an interstate medical licensing compact, while…  Read More >

Louisiana Governor Calls For Medicaid Expansion In Inaugural Address

By John Celock Louisiana’s new Democratic governor showcased his departure from his Republican predecessor by announcing in his inaugural address…  Read More >

Obama To States: Expand Medicaid

By John Celock In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday to uphold the Affordable Care Act, President…  Read More >

Kansas Medicaid Expansion Hearings Scheduled

By John Celock A Kansas legislative committee announced that hearings into Medicaid expansion would be held March 18 and 19….  Read More >

GOP Lawmaker: Nurse Empowerment Solution To Obamacare Shortage

By John Celock A Republican state legislator in New Jersey says that legislation that she is pushing to empower nurse…  Read More >