GOP Gov Video Tour Hits Mississippi

By John Celock

Mississippi’s governor is the latest GOP governor in the nation to say that the country should be looking to the states – specifically those with Republican leaders – for leadership.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) starred in the latest Republican Governors Association video highlighting what the RGA is calling “The American Comeback” and saying is the result of GOP gubernatorial leadership. The RGA has been debuting the videos for several months on their YouTube channel, all with message that things work in state capitals and not in Washington. The Bryant video debuted last week.

“Washington needs to get out of our way and let us get to work,” Bryant said in the video.

Bryant’s video was similar to others released by the RGA, highlighting his biographical information, along with trumpeting his record in Jackson. Bryant focuses on economic development issues in Mississippi, noting a growing auto industry in the state, along with the state’s aerospace industry.

In the area of aerospace, Bryant noted that manufacturing and testing plants have moved to the state, saying that a future mission to Mars would have to go through Mississippi first.

Bryant uses the video to say that he and his fellow GOP governors are balancing budgets, improving education and growing the economy. The lines are similar to what other Republican governors have said in the videos and what the RGA has been touting nationally. The balanced budget line comes as every state has requirements in place to balance the budget.

Bryant started the video by noting that he grew up working on cars, a hobby he still enjoys. He then compared his service in the governor’s mansion to his hobby.

“Some people here in Washington says that Mississippi is an old jalopy and you can’t get it started again,” Bryant said. “I tell people we’re going full throttle.”