Beer Center Stage In New Ohio Ad

By John Celock

The Republican Governors Association is tackling the small business vote by explaining Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s (R) policies relating to new brewing companies in a new ad.

The two minute video, released Monday, morning focuses specifically on legislation Kasich signed to allow for brewing companies to have their own tastings on site. The video is primarily narrated by Kathleen Dewey, the president of Mt. Carmel Brewing Company in Cincinnati, who explains that without the ability to host tastings on site, she and her husband were not able to grow their company.

The ad comes as Kasich is locked in a competitive battle for reelection with Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald (D).

“Governor Kasich is known for his no nonsense laws,” Dewey said. “This law dates back to Prohibition and there is a big push in his administration to get rid of these nonsense laws.”

Dewey said that the new law allowed her and her husband to open the tap room along with hiring two employees to run that part of the business. She also said that the increased customer base has allowed them to build a new parking lot to handle the crowd.

Kasich appears at the end of the video to talk about the need to have government regulations that help small business grow in Ohio. He said that while government regulation is needed, he does not wants plans in place that would be “an impediment to small business.”