More Voters Blame Leg Not Gov

By John Celock

Pennsylvania’s ongoing budget crisis has more voters holding the Republican-controlled Legislature responsible instead of the Democratic governor.

A Franklin and Marshall College poll released Thursday shows that 54 percent of the registered voters surveyed blamed the Legislature for the state’s late budget while 29 percent blamed Gov. Tom Wolf (D). Wolf vetoed the a budget from the Legislature at the end of June saying the spending plan did not balance and would cause long term fiscal issues for the state. Lawmakers have passed stopgap spending plans as Pennsylvania aims to finish August without a permanent budget adopted.

The poll did find that 42 percent of those surveyed believed Wolf was best to make final decisions on the budget, while 39 percent of those surveyed believe the Legislature was best prepared to make those decisions.

The poll also found that 66 percent of those surveyed want lawmakers not be a paid until a budget is adopted.

In terms of Wolf, a businessman who was elected last year, the poll indicated that 39 percent of those surveyed viewed his job performance as excellent or good, while 43 percent viewed his job performance as favorable. Twenty six percent said that did not favor Wolf’s job performance.

Wolf’s job performance rating compares to where his two immediate predecessors, former Govs. Tom Corbett (R) and Ed Rendell (D), were at this point in their tenures. Wolf’s job performance rating is lower than where former Gov. Tom Ridge (R) was at a similar point during his tenure 20 years ago. Wolf defeated Corbett in last year’s election.