New Jersey Lawmakers Welcome Those ‘Coming In Peace’

By John Celock

The New Jersey state Senate has taken steps to call the state “inclusive” in an effort to welcome more tourists.

The Senate voted unanimously Monday to pass a resolution which says that New Jersey is “an inclusive state and welcoming everyone to its many attractions.” The resolution, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), highlights several ways the state is inclusive including noting that the state welcomes people to its “business, educational, tourism, and urban communities.”

“As we hear of so much discourse and unhappiness over a whole variety of issues I hope we all join together to say that New Jersey is a welcoming and inclusive state,” Weinberg said in brief remarks on the resolution.

The resolution centered mainly on the state’s support of marriage equality and the LGBT community. In language that could be seen as a swipe towards states that have considered legislation that would allow business owners to deny services to same sex weddings based on a business owner’s religious beliefs, the resolution notes that New Jersey’s business community welcomes all customers and employees.

Weinberg’s resolution praises New Jersey’s colleges and universities for diversity and notes that the urban communities in the state have been “enclaves of entrepreneurship and cultural exchange.”

The Senate did not have a debate on the resolution with only Weinberg speaking.

“We welcome everyone here, as long as they are coming in peace, to the warm and inclusive state of New Jersey,” she said.