Kobach Wins Reelection In Kansas

Topeka, Kan. – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) declared victory Tuesday night, saying that his focus on election security has been backed by Sunflower State voters.

Kobach who led Democrat Jean Schodorf 57 percent to 43 percent with roughly half the votes cast, gave a speech to the state Republican watch party here defending his record. He stressed that his focus on voter identification and proof of citizenship to register to vote as factors in his victory.

Kobach stressed that he has made Kansas elections the most secure in the nation in his brief speech to the crowd. He said that Schodorf, a former moderate Republican state senator from Wichita, wanted to take the state back to the “bad old days” from before the proof of citizenship law. He also said that Kansas voters can have “confidence” that every vote is cast by a “legitimate voter.”

Kobach also used his speech to highlight his plans for his second term, which includes the creation of a one stop shop for business registration and economic development through his office. He said that he wants to make Kansas the top business friendly state in the country after saying that he had made it the top election security state in the country.

The secretary of state’s race factored mainly on Kobach’s work on voter i.d. and proof of citizenship, along with his work combatting illegal immigration in the state. Schodorf was a vocal opponent of these policies and said that she would serve full time as secretary of state. Kobach defended his illegal immigration work saying that he does it in his spare time.

Schodorf, who was defeated in a 2012 GOP Senate primary, became a Democrat after leaving the Legislature and then sought to unseat Kobach. Democrats had long made Kobach, the author of Arizona’s illegal immigration law, a top target due to his work on immigration and voter i.d. Kobach is considered a future gubernatorial or U.S. Senate candidate.