Kansas House Committee Leaders

The Kansas House of Representatives will see new leaders for the budget writing and tax panels, with moderates taking several leadership spots on committees.

House Speaker-elect Ron Ryckman (R-Olathe) has tapped Rep. Troy Waymaster (R-Russell) as the new chairman of the budget-writing Appropriations Committee and Rep. Steven Johnson (R-Assaria) as the chairman of the Taxation Committee. Waymaster and Johnson take the helm of committees that are charged with developing responses to the state’s declining revenues and possible new taxes in light of the 2012 tax cuts the state implemented.

Ryckman has also split the state’s education budget writing committee in two with Rep. Larry Campbell (R-Olathe) taking the helm of a new K-12 Education Budget Committee and Rep. Kevin Jones (R-Wellsville) as the chairman of the newly created Higher Education Budget Committee. Campbell’s panel will likely take the lead in developing the state’s new school finance formula.

Ryckman made other changes to the committee structure with the abolishment of the Vision 2020 Committee. The Vision 2020 panel had been viewed as a largely powerless committee that focused on hearings on a series of long range issues in the state. Ryckman also made changes to the Energy and Environment Committee the Utilities and Telecommunications Committee with a newly created Water and Environment Committee and a new Energy, Utilities and Telecomm Committee. The Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee which was formed a year ago with the merger of two panels was split up with a new Insurance Committee and a new Financial Institutions and Pensions Committee. The move ends the former Pensions and Benefits Committee. Ryckman also moved homeland security out of the veterans and created a Veterans and Military Committee and a Government, Technology and Security Committee.

Full List of Kansas House Committee Leaders

9:00 a.m. Committees

Chairman: Troy Waymaster
Vice Chairman: Erin Davis

Federal and State Affairs
Chairman: John Barker
Vice Chairman: Ron Highland

Government, Technology and Security
Chairman: Pete DeGraaf
Vice Chairman: Greg Lewis

Children and Seniors
Chairman: Steve Alford
Vice Chairman: Linda Gallagher

Veterans and Military
Chairman: Les Osterman
Vice Chairman: Lonnie Clark

Energy, Utilities and Telecomm
Chairman: Joe Seiwart
Vice Chairman: Randy Garber

Financial Institutions and Pensions
Chairman: Jim Kelly
Vice Chairman: Randy Powell

Water and Environment
Chairman: Tom Sloan
Vice Chairman: Ken Rahjes

Chairman: Jene Vickrey
Vice Chairman: Willie Dove

1:30 p.m. Committees

Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget

Chairman: Don Schroeder
Vice Chairman: Larry Hibbard

Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Chairman: Les Mason
Vice Chairman: Ken Corbet

Corrections and Juvenile Justice
Chairman: Russ Jennings
Vice Chairman: John Whitmer

Health and Human Services
Chairman: Dan Hawkins
Vice Chairman: Susan Concannon

Chairman: Keith Esau
Vice Chairman: Blake Carpenter

Local Government
Chairman: Kristey Williams
Vice Chairman: Jack Thimesch

K-12 Education Budget
Chairman: Larry Campbell
Vice Chairman: Steve Huebert

Chairman: Richard Proehl
Vice Chairman: Shannon Francis

General Government Budget

Chairman: Bill Sutton
Vice Chairman: Chuck Weber

3:30 p.m. Committees

Chairman: Steven Johnson
Vice Chairman: Tom Phillips


Chairman: Blaine Finch
Vice Chairman: Fred Patton

Chairman: Kyle Hoffman
Vice Chairman: Kent Thompson

Social Services Budget

Chairman: Brenda Landwehr
Vice Chairman: Stephanie Sawyer Clayton

Chairman: Clay Aurand
Vice Chairman: Diana Dierks

Higher Education Budget
Chairman: Kevin Jones
Vice Chairman: Susie Swanson

Transportation and Public Safety Budget
Chairman: J.R. Claeys
Vice Chairman: Michael Houser