GOP Gov: Washington Is Not The Answer

By John Celock

The Republican Governors Association is continuing their video series touting the work of GOP governors with a profile of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R), who says that people need to look to the states and not Washington.

In an over two-minute video posted Tuesday, Bentley talks up his record in Montgomery and says that Republican governor have been more successful on economic issues than Democratic ones. Bentley, a former two-term state legislator, is seeking a second term this year against Democratic nominee Parker Griffith, a Republican turned Democrat former congressman.

“When you look at states that are doing the best they are Republican states,” Bentley said in the video.

While Bentley focused on national GOP policies connecting governors, he also touted his own record in Alabama in the RGA video, part of an “American Comeback” series released by the group. Bentley said that his policies have helped stimulate the economy in Alabama, noting that the state has low taxes and energy costs.

Describing the Alabama economy, Bentley noted the presence of the automobile industry and the aerospace industry, including rocket science in Huntsville.

“That’s why companies leave states like New York and come to Alabama,” Bentley said of his policies.

Republican governors have been increasing their efforts to lure companies to their states from Democratic states in recent years. Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has been on a national tour of Democratic states to promote why companies should move to Texas.

Bentley, a doctor, shifted the focused from Washington to state capitols saying that those in Congress have forgotten about people back home. While Republicans have long shifted the focus to the states, many governors from both parties in recent years have touted the successes in state governments as partisan gridlock paralyzes Washington.

“The answers are not coming from Washington,” Bentley said. “The answers to help the people are coming from the states.”