County Official’s Wife’s Viral Plea: ‘Please’ Reelect Husband

By John Celock

A Republican county commissioner in Texas is seeing a campaign ad go viral based on his wife’s plea for voters to reelect her boring husband.

The commercial features Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty and his wife Charlyn around the house as Daugherty tells her and another couple about prison population numbers, the intricacies of tax rates, code violations and the details of light rail systems. The ad has gone viral and attracted national attention, with over 600,000 views on YouTube.

“Gerald really doesn’t have any hobbies,” Charlyn Daugherty said in the ad.

As the ad shows Gerald Daugherty telling another man about tax rates while his wife and another woman watch, Charlyn Daugherty tells the other woman that her husband acts like that around the house “all the time.”

“Most people leave their work at the office,” Charlyn Daugherty says in the ad.

The ad shows Gerald Daugherty helping his wife unload laundry while talking about code issues and then saying that he enjoys helping around the house. His wife gives the camera a comical look questioning if she wants her husband around more.

Gerald Daugherty, a retired businessman serving his third term on the county commission, is battling Democrat David Holmes in the Democratic leaning county. Daugherty served six years on the county commission until his 2008 defeat and won back his seat in 2012.

The ad then cuts to Charlyn Daugherty giving an earnest plea to the voters of the suburban Austin district.

“Please reelect Gerald, please,” she said.