Monthly Archives: February 2017

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Teacher Due Process

By John Celock In an end run around a committee chairman, Kansas lawmakers voted Tuesday to approve a measure to…  Read More >

Process Debate Dominates Lawmakers Discussion Of Election Bill

By John Celock Following a debate over whether a Democratic lawmaker followed the proper procedure with an amendment, Kansas lawmakers…  Read More >

Former Mayor Announces For Kansas Governor

By John Celock The former mayor of Kansas’ largest city announced Monday that he would be the first Democrat to…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Approve Tax Hike

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers approved legislation Friday that would erase the state’s 2012 tax cuts and establish a new…  Read More >

Kansas Wiretap Release Date Raises Questions

By John Celock The decision this week by the U.S. Department of Justice to inform Kansas officials and reporters that…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Advance Budget Fix

Rep. Pete DeGraaf speaks during the debate. Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore speaks during the House debate. By John Celock The…  Read More >

Hartman Stressing Business Background In Kansas Governor Run

By John Celock A Wichita businessman who entered the Kansas governor’s race Wednesday is stressing that he wants to bring…  Read More >

New Jersey Assembly Attacks Trump

By John Celock The Democratic-controlled New Jersey Assembly passed five resolutions Wednesday attacking President Donald Trump’s actions in office. The…  Read More >

Hartman Announces For Kansas Governor

By John Celock A Wichita businessman has entered the Republican race for Kansas governor, saying it is time to take…  Read More >

Kansas Committee Rejects Article V Convention

By John Celock Kansas lawmakers rejected legislation Wednesday that would have had the state calling on Congress to convene a…  Read More >