Monthly Archives: October 2016

Democrat Leading In Indiana Governor’s Race

By John Celock A new poll shows that Hoosiers are on the verge of returning the governor’s mansion to Democrats…  Read More >

Nevada Race Tightens After Trump

By John Celock A Nevada Republican’s decision to withdraw his endorsement of Donald Trump is hurting him in his Senate…  Read More >

Missouri Races Close

By John Celock Missouri is living up to its reputation as a swing state with a new poll showing tight…  Read More >

Analysis: Town Hall Debate Questions Should Not Be Screened

By John Celock Town hall debates give audience members the chance to ask questions of candidates and serve as a…  Read More >

Democrats Easily Winning In Delaware

By John Celock Delaware is on track to have its fourth Democratic governor in a row, according to a new…  Read More >