Monthly Archives: August 2016

Missouri Senate Candidate Highlights Military Service

By John Celock A Democratic candidate for the Missouri state Senate is putting his military experience front and center in…  Read More >

Vaguely Defined Office Attracts Multiple Platforms

By John Celock Delaware’s lieutenant governor is not an exceptionally powerful office on paper and its official duties leave a…  Read More >

Senate Candidate Uses Cardboard Cutout Of Opponent

By John Celock The Democratic Senate nominee in Iowa is co-starring with a cardboard cutout of her Republican opponent in…  Read More >

Analysis: Musical Chairs Of Pennsylvania Attorneys General

By John Celock If you’re having trouble keeping track of who is Pennsylvania’s attorney general, don’t worry the job is…  Read More >

Tight Race To Succeed Pence

By John Celock Indiana voters are likely to see another close gubernatorial race as a new poll shows this year’s…  Read More >

Ousted DNC Chief: Focus On Trump Not Me

By John Celock The former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee is using the first ad in her competitive bid…  Read More >

Vermont Sets Up General Election

By John Celock A former state transportation secretary will take on the state’s lieutenant governor in Vermont’s November election for…  Read More >

Analysis: Coffee And Driving Ban Unlikely To Pass In New Jersey

By John Celock Apparently New Jersey’s biggest transportation issue is not the endless debate over a gas tax to replenish…  Read More >

Analysis: Local And State Government Experience Beneficial

By John Celock Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine has been stressing his background as Richmond’s mayor and governor of…  Read More >

New Hampshire Gov Candidate Not Voting For ‘Evil’ Presidential Candidate

By John Celock A Republican candidate for New Hampshire governor said Thursday that he will not be voting for “evil”…  Read More >