Monthly Archives: June 2016

How ‘Game Changer’ Kansas Schools Deal Was Reached

Link to PDF of signed agreement: Kansas School Agreement Link to PDF of final agreement filed with State Supreme Court:…  Read More >

Kansas Lawmakers Vote Down Court Amendment

By John Celock The Kansas state Senate on Friday narrowly defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would have prohibited the…  Read More >

Analysis: Outsiders Winning At All Levels

By John Celock The outsider movement by the electorate this year is not just limited to the rise of Trump…  Read More >

Analysis: New York Power Debates Likely To Continue

By John Celock Being mayor of New York City is a an office with a bizarre double life. On one…  Read More >

Constitutional Amendment To Ban School Closure Possible In Kansas

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ron Ryckman Jr. By John Celock Kansas lawmakers are likely to take up a constitutional amendment…  Read More >

New Jersey Advances Lieutenant Governor Legislation

By John Celock A New Jersey legislative committee has advanced a bill and a constitutional amendment that would assign actual…  Read More >

Toss-Up For Next Georgia Governor

By John Celock A new poll shows that the next Georgia governor’s race is a battle of name recognition, with…  Read More >