Monthly Archives: April 2015

Kansas Unemployment Insurance Overhaul Advances

By John Celock Following a debate where Democrats voiced concerns over a possible loss of federal funds, the Kansas Senate…  Read More >

Longtime Governor Not Most Popular In State

By John Celock The nation’s longest serving governor is not the most popular politician in his state according to a…  Read More >

Gallery Shouter Says He’s Worried About Kansas

By John Celock The man who shouted a progressive health care message from the Kansas House gallery Wednesday afternoon is…  Read More >

Supreme Court Rules For Judicial Fundraising Limits

By John Celock The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday morning that certain limits can be applied in political fundraising for…  Read More >

Lawmaker Proposes Kansas Law Enforcement Merger Study

By John Celock Following an apparent defeat of a proposal to raise state trooper salaries, a Kansas state legislator has…  Read More >

State Looks To Overhaul Leave Policies

By John Celock North Dakota lawmakers have approved legislation that would allow more state employees to stay home with a…  Read More >

Opposition Emerges To Proposed Kansas Hospital Tax Hike

By John Celock A proposal to hike an assessment on Kansas hospitals to cover the cost of Medicaid payments is…  Read More >

Young Congressman Warns Of ‘Permanent Boomerang Generation’

By John Celock One of the country’s youngest members of Congress warned his colleagues early Wednesday evening that rising student…  Read More >

New Hampshire Voters Against Gun Bill, Back Casinos

By John Celock A new poll shows that a narrow plurality of New Hampshire voters back casino gambling in the…  Read More >

North Dakota Advances Oil Tax Cut

By John Celock The North Dakota House of Representatives voted Monday evening to advance legislation to cut the state’s oil…  Read More >