Monthly Archives: September 2014

Feds Blamed For State’s Revenue Shortfall

By John Celock Kansas’ budget director is blaming the federal government’s changes to the capital gains tax for the state’s…  Read More >

GOP Govs Raise Davis Lap Dance Issue

By John Celock The Republican Governors Association is up with a new commercial that swings the Kansas governor’s race debate…  Read More >

Photos: Political Events Of The Past Weekend

From parades to fundraisers, candidates and elected officials are out campaigning and meeting people as we reach a month until…  Read More >

Photos: Westfield, NJ AppleFest

WESTFIELD, N.J. – While the weather was still perfect for the pool and the leaves were still green, Westfield, N.J….  Read More >

Sex Toy Sale Would Net State Only $163K

By John Celock Kansas tax officials will only recoup $163,986 in back taxes in a sale of sex toys from…  Read More >

Dem Criticized For Sex Toy ‘Cheap Shot’

By John Celock The top Democrat in the Kansas state Senate is being criticized for accusing Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback…  Read More >

Dem’s Ad Goes After Congressman’s Naked Past

By John Celock A Republican congressman is being attacked by his Democratic opponent for skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee…  Read More >

Republican Resurrects Democrat’s Tax Problems

By John Celock A Republican congressional candidate in New Hampshire has unveiled a new commercial attacking her Democratic opponent for…  Read More >

GOP Channels ‘Breaking Bad’ In Wake Of Dem’s Strip Club Revelation

By John Celock Kansas Republicans are channeling the AMC television series “Breaking Bad” in a new parody video highlighting the…  Read More >

GOP Calls On Dem To Cancel Fundraiser At Justice’s Home

By John Celock Kansas Republicans are calling on the Democratic nominee for governor to cancel a Tuesday evening fundraiser being…  Read More >