Monthly Archives: March 2014

Lawmakers Advance New Welfare Drug Testing Rules

By John Celock The Republican-controlled Missouri House of Representatives advanced legislation Monday that would eliminate automatic hearings for welfare recipients…  Read More >

Obamacare Continuing As Gov Issue

By John Celock Republicans will continue to push Obamacare as a top issue in gubernatorial races across the country. The…  Read More >

Top Election Official Fights Fraud Budget Cuts

By John Celock Missouri’s Democratic secretary of state is battling Republican legislative leaders to fund a voter fraud unit in…  Read More >

Reporter Slaps Down Christie

By John Celock A top Nevada political reporter says that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) will meet with billionaire…  Read More >

Christie: Port Authority Chairman Has Resigned

By John Celock New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) announced the resignation of the Port Authority chairman and reiterated that…  Read More >

FBI Hits Three States In One Day

By John Celock The mayor of Charlotte, N.C. and a California state senator seeking statewide office were arrested by the…  Read More >

Breastfeeding Moms Get Victory In Missouri

By John Celock Missouri is one step closer to allowing breastfeeding mothers to be exempt from jury duty under a…  Read More >

Lawmakers Reject Koch Brothers Backed Plan

By John Celock In a boon to the state’s growing wind industry, the Republican-controlled Kansas House of Representatives voted Wednesday…  Read More >

Lawmakers Shoot Down Buy American Plan

By John Celock A plan to require that the state government to purchase American made goods was killed Tuesday by…  Read More >

Lawmakers KO Attempt To Stop Top GOP Official

By John Celock The Republican-controlled Kansas House of Representatives blocked another attempt to strip Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R)…  Read More >