Retired University Chief Announces Congressional Candidacy

By John Celock

A recently retired college chancellor has announced her candidacy against a top ranking Republican congresswoman from Washington State.

Democrat Lisa Brown, who retired as chancellor of Washington State University –Spokane earlier this month, announced Thursday that she is seeking to challenge U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R). Brown touted her tenure in higher education and her prior work in the state Senate in announcing her bid to challenge McMorris Rodgers, the fourth ranked House Republican as GOP conference chairwoman.

“I don’t know about you but when I look at Congress these days I see a lot of politicians who are on the wrong side of the people they are supposed to serve,” Brown said.

In her announcement video, Brown highlighted her recently completed four and a half years running WSU in Spokane, including spearheading the creation of a medical school. She noted that the medical school will train doctors for rural communities in eastern Washington.

Brown also stressed her work as a state legislator on economic development projects and seeking state aid for eastern Washington.

Brown faces a primary against Democrat Matt Sutherland, a National Guard officer, who is seeking support from the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. McMorris Rodgers has been one of the most visible Republican women in Congress, including being considered last year by President Donald Trump as a potential interior secretary.

Brown said that as a state Legislature she worked on a bipartisan basis and believes she can bring that to Congress.

“We listened to each other and did the hard work needed to find common ground,” she said. “It’s something we need more of in the other Washington.”